Question: What Starts With P And Ends With An E?

What two letter word ends with E?

2-letter words ending with EaebeeefegEheieJEleme7 more rows.

What is a 7 letter word starting with P?

7-letter words starting with PPaaliaqPaamesepaddiespaddingpaddledpaddlerpaddlespaddockpadellaPadgets25 more rows

What starts with E but only has one letter?

The answer is EYE. It starts with E and ends with E and has only one alphabet Y.

What are 5 letter words that start with T?

5-letter words starting with Ttaalstaatatabbytabertabestabidtabistablatabletaboo25 more rows

What starts with M and ends with E?

Start With M and End In EWordLengthConsonantsMoose52Maybe53Mite42Morphine8546 more rows

What are some p words?

pablum.pacers.pachas.pacier.pacify.pacing.packed.packer.More items…

What begins with T ends with T in it?

teapotIt’s teapot! The word teapot starts with the word ‘T’ and also ends with the word ‘T’. In a teapot it has tea as tea is pronounced as ‘T’. The answer is Teapot.

What starts with E and ends with E and only has one letter in it?

What starts with “e”, ends with “e” and has one letter in it? Envelope. Eye is a potential alternative.

What starts with P and ends with E Riddle?

Share This Riddle Question: What starts with “P” and ends with “E” and has more than 1000 letters? Answer: A post office.

What belongs to you but is used more by others?

What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you? Answer: Your name.

What starts with P and ends with E and have thousands of letters?

The answer is POST OFFICE.

What is a 4 letter word that ends with E?

4 letter words that end with items…

What is a 3 letter word that ends with E?

3-letter words ending with EabeaceekeELEemeeneereeseeveewe25 more rows

What fruit ends with E?

15 Fruits That End in E (Complete List)Apple. Apples are probably the first thing one would think about when talking about fruits. … Cantaloupe. There are many names that are also used with this fruit, such as rockmelon, sweet melon, or spanspek. … Clementine. … Custard Apple. … Date. … Grape. … Jujube. … Lime.More items…

What is the longest P word?

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisThe longest word in English, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – a chronic lung disease caused by the inhalation of fine silicate or quartz dust.

What is a 6 letter word starting with P?

6-letter words starting with Ppabblepablumpacifypacingpackedpackerpacketpacklypactumpadang25 more rows

What is a six letter word that starts with t?

6-letter words starting with Ttaatastabardtabledtablertablestablettaboostaborstabourtabret25 more rows

What has neck but no head?

The answer to the “who is that with a neck and no head” riddle is “a shirt”. There you have it!

Which letter has the most water?

CThe letter, C contains the most water.

What 5 letter word is spelled the same backwards?

Here is the list of all the English words with 5 letters grouped by number of letters: Aeaea, alala, alula, anana, anona, APIPA, arara, Ardra, Arora, arura, batab. Palindromes are words that can be read from left to right or right to left, the letters are symetric. Rise to vote, sir.

What things start with letter E?

Toddler A-Z – 50 Objects That Start with the Letter “E”Eagle.Earmuffs.Earphones.Earplug.Earrings.Ears.Earth.Earthenware.More items…•May 3, 2016