Quick Answer: How Do I Chat With Wix Support?

How does Wix live chat work?

Chat with Live Site Visitors Go to Wix Inbox.

Click a conversation to expand it or click the Message icon at the top of the page to see recent visitor activity.

Click the drop-down next to Message via: in the conversation box to choose whether to respond to messages by chat or email..

Where is my Wix inbox?

How do I access Wix Inbox? Go to your site’s dashboard. Click Customer Management. Click Inbox.

How do I create a chatbot for my website?

How to Create a Chatbot Without Coding in MinutesSet Up Your Chatbot Builder Account (Fast & Free) … Click “Build a Chatbot” & Choose Your Channel. … Optimize the Welcome Message. … Add Your First Sequence. … Ask a Question (Name) … Ask Questions (Button Choice) … Ask a Question (Email) … Export Data to Google Spreadsheets.More items…•May 18, 2020

Why is my Wix website not working?

You may have accidentally disconnected your domain from your site. You can check to see if your domain is connected to your site on the Domains page. … If after 48 hours you’re still unable to view your live site on your domain, use the Wix Domain Assistant to check your domain connection.

Does Wix have email support?

Wix Support Email To contact Customer service via email, Wix offers a suitable email contact form as they do not have a definite email address that you can send a message to. Kindly visit, https://www.wix.com/contact/en and fill up your details and information in the form.

How do I get my money back from Wix?

You must complete the refund through the provider’s dashboard and update your order in the Wix dashboard.Go to the Store Orders tab in your site’s dashboard.Hover over the order you want to cancel and refund, then click to select it.Click More Actions at the top right.Select Cancel & Refund.More items…

What is VIP support on Wix?

Business VIP Premium ensures that your website is covered for every eventuality. This plan provides the maximum in both features and support with 24/7 access to our priority response team.

How do I use chat on Wix?

To chat with visitors on your site:Go to your site’s dashboard. Note: This feature is available from any section of your dashboard.Click the Inbox icon at the top right corner.Click the visitor you want to chat with.From Wix Inbox, type your message in the text box at the bottom.Click Send.

Are Wix forms secure?

Secure and mobile-ready Whether you’re selling products or collecting emails for your online newsletter, Formstack’s mobile-ready Wix forms and top-notch security features can help you collect the data you need from anyone on any device.

How do I get rid of lets chat on Wix?

You can delete Wix Chat from your site if you no longer wish to chat with your site visitors….Click the chat box in Editor X.Click More Actions icon.Click Delete.

How do I add a chatbot to Wix?

How to create a free chatbot for WixOpen the Wix website editor & Click the “Add” button.Select “More” from the side navigation.Select the box that says “HTML code”.Create an ArtiBot account for a free chatbot.Choose a chatbot template that matches your business.Copy the Snippet from the Install Snippet tab.Add your chatbot snippet in the code area.More items…

Does Wix have phone support?

With the Live Chat Support app by Social Intents, you can chat with website visitors right from your Wix dashboard or your mobile phone.

To link a button to an email address:Add a button.Change the button text.Click the Link icon .Select Email.Enter the email address.Enter the email subject line.Click Done.

How many forms can you have on Wix?

Ascend Basic: 10 forms. Ascend Professional: 20 forms. Ascend Unlimited: Unlimited amount of forms.

How do I contact Wix Support Team?

Need help with your Wix account? Make sure you’re logged in from a computer and click below to get started. You’ll be directed to our Customer Care contact page where you’ll answer a few questions about your issue. With this info, we’ll be able to direct you to the best expert for your needs.