Quick Answer: How Do You Lock An Excel Spreadsheet?

How do I lock an entire Excel workbook?

Protect the workbook structureClick Review > Protect Workbook.

Note: The Windows option is available only in Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel for Mac 2011, and Excel 2016 for Mac.

Enter a password in the Password box.

Select OK, re-enter the password to confirm it, and then select OK again..

How do you lock an Excel spreadsheet so no one can see it?

Open the worksheet you want to protect from viewing, right click the sheet tab and select Hide from the context menu to hide the worksheet. See screenshot: 2. Click Review > Protect Workbook.

How do you lock formulas in Excel without protecting sheet?

From any cell on your worksheet press Ctrl+A+A. From the worksheet, hit F5 > Special and then select Formulas and click OK. From the worksheet menu, click Data > Validation. In the Allow box select Custom.

Why can’t I password protect my Excel spreadsheet?

Select File > Info. Select the Protect Workbook box and choose Encrypt with Password. Enter a password in the Password box, and then select OK. Confirm the password in the Reenter Password box, and then select OK.

How do I protect an Excel spreadsheet with a password?

Now select only the cells or columns, rows that you want to protect. Right click and choose Format cells again. Go to the protection tab and check Locked option and click Ok. Go to Review tab, click Protect Sheet and protect the sheet using a password.

Yes, you can copyright your work and sell or distribute it as you see fit without permission and/or royalties to Microsoft. You can’t sell Excel itself, but you can sell any workbook or add-in created with Excel.

How do you remove password protection from Excel?

Remove a workbook passwordOpen the workbook that you want to remove the password from.On the Review tab, under Protection, click Passwords.Select all contents in the Password to open box or the Password to modify box, and then press DELETE.Click Save .

How do you lock an Excel spreadsheet from editing?

Enable worksheet protectionIn your Excel file, select the worksheet tab that you want to protect.Select the cells that others can edit. … Right-click anywhere in the sheet and select Format Cells (or use Ctrl+1, or Command+1 on the Mac), and then go to the Protection tab and clear Locked.

How do I unprotect an Excel worksheet without the password 2020?

Just do any of the following:Right-click the sheet tab, and select Unprotect Sheet… from the context menu.On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Unprotect Sheet.On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format, and select Unprotect Sheet from the drop-down menu.Feb 10, 2016