What Do I Do If I Get Scammed On Etsy?

Can you get your money back from Etsy?

If you use Etsy Payments, you can issue a refund after the payment is processed, and before 180 days after the payment is processed.

If your shop has a refund policy that allows for refunds after 180 days, you can refund the buyer through a payment method outside of Etsy, such as PayPal..

How do I report a scammer on Etsy?

How to report a shopOn the shop homepage, click Report this shop to Etsy in the sidebar.Select a reason from the dropdown and add a note. If your specific concern is not provided as an option, add the relevant details in the text box.

Does Etsy have a live chat?

And customer support live chat.

Does Etsy sell fake stuff?

Etsy supports counterfeit products on their web-site.

Does Etsy have buyer protection?

Although Etsy is not directly involved in a transaction between a buyer and a seller, we provide a case system in the unlikely event that your order does not go as expected.

How do you know if an Etsy store is legit?

On EtsyCheck a seller’s reviews and shop policies before purchase, and send an Etsy Message to a seller before buying if you have questions or concerns.If you see an unrecognized charge from Etsy on your bank or credit card statement, review these considerations. … Keep your transaction on Etsy.More items…

How long does it take for Etsy to refund?

Once the seller issues your refund, it can take 2-5 business days to appear in your original payment method. Refunds issued to non-US payment methods can take up to 30 days to appear.

Are Etsy sellers responsible for lost packages?

Send a replacement or refund Etsy doesn’t hold sellers responsible for items that are lost in mail. However, if you’re able to, consider sending a replacement item or a refund for the order. Sending a replacement or a refund can build customer satisfaction, which can help your business succeed in the long run.

Why is my Etsy order taking so long?

If you received an email from Etsy saying that your Etsy payment is still processing, it means that your purchase is being reviewed by Etsy. … Our review process protects you and other buyers and sellers on Etsy from possible fraud. Most orders are processed within 72 hours, although some orders may take longer.

Why does Etsy take so long to ship?

The independent Etsy shops do and they have their shipping times set up in the “shipping and policies section” , a tab in the product description, see picture. Some shop owners live overseas and sometimes items are made after you have placed your order, so this may also take time. … Actually, ETSY does not ship anything.

What if I get scammed on Etsy?

Etsy has a system to reimburse buyers if they are “scammed” or for other poor transactions. Your credit card also has protections in place. All buyers, everywhere, should know the rules to purchasing safely online. Most countries have consumer protections.

Can Etsy be trusted?

Yes it is safe, it has great reputation in terms of quality and prodcut value, and well know for their great customer service. One of the number site for homemade authentic goods, etsy has easy refund, exchange policies. … Always read customer feedback of the seller so you will have no issue while you shop.

What happens if I never get my Etsy order?

If your order is Not Shipped yet, you can contact the seller to check in on the order. A case is a formal way to file a complaint against a shop. You can open a case after the date when your order should arrive. To start a case, choose Help with order next to the order on your Purchases page.

Does Etsy charge for cancellation?

When you fully cancel an order and refund the customer, Etsy in turn refunds all of your fees on that transaction.

Do Etsy sellers get your credit card info?

Etsy maintains records associated with transactions on Etsy Payments and does not pass any secure data, including credit card numbers or bank account information, to any sellers. Sellers will only receive shipping information and limited buyer account information necessary to complete the order.